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Airikai Videos with Matt
« on: August 10, 2012, 02:52:23 PM »
I'm scheduling group classes and 1-on-1 time with select students for future filming projects.  I already have quite a few Airikai videos online, and basic knowledge of these will be required to get personal time from me.  I like to invest into those who invest in themselves.  All the videos teach similar concepts and philosophy, so pick your favorite style and start learning.  Those who follow my philosophy, read my books, and show passionate interest in our style will be offered 1-on-1 coaching and placement in our future videos.

I have two different styles of filming we will be doing.

 One style is similar to the dance videos you see here:
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These will essentially be private lessons with me with a film crew around us documenting the lesson.  This way, other students can get the feeling of a private lesson by watching our videos. 

The second style is similar to our Pilates Video here:
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This will showcase the talent of our student, you, and be either an inspirational video to encourage others to take lessons - or it will be a follow-along where you gracefully demonstrate the art on camera with voice-over and fluid motion.

We are filming these in all styles of Airikai, and you can see all those styles on the Airikai website: You must be logged in to see links. Please Register or Login

Training can take months and we will only work with people who are passionate for our movement. Not with LA talent interested only in getting paid.  This is an exchange of energy from teacher to student and you must be humble and respectful for that process to take place.

You will be compensated for our videos through our standard TheMOV Contract.  This means you will receive 5% commission for your initial work with us regardless of your skill level.  You will receive 10% commission once you get your first certification with us. A secondary certification increases your commission to 15% and the Certified Fitness Coach certification will gain you 20% commission on the project.

The more you get involved with our company and with our projects, the more we reward you in return for this.  Your first step should be signing up online and filling out your profile.  After doing this, you should enroll in our classes and immerse yourself in TheMOV.