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Tech Geek & Chicks Magazine
« on: August 11, 2012, 07:12:52 PM »
So... we have a lot of beautiful women working with TheMOV.  How luck we are!  We also have tons of tech equipment, websites, and source code all here with TheMOV and HardMagic Publishing.  Thus, we will be designing a magazine that features reviews, insight, commentary, and tips & tricks all with our beautiful women. 

I want to open discussion for how that company will be ran and how we should start integrating it.

So far, You must be logged in to see links. Please Register or Login with company name CurvePress takes the lead for our new magazine.  We're still open to suggestions as there will be many months before we launch this part of our business.

We'll also considering the You must be logged in to see links. Please Register or Login.  Keep in mind the magazine will be catered to guys, mainly. 

It will have lots of tech gear, cameras, computer equipment, audio equipment, cars, etc.  All the cool tech gadgets that guys like presented by the beautiful women of TheMOV.

I think this will be our main section of the magazine.  Then, it will also have a video game section.... and lastly - a photo gallery. 

The video gallery will feature the latest photoshoots we do.  We're cranking photos out with at least 4 shoots a month lately, so it will be easy to get new content on there for that section.

A few concerns that I have:
We don't have tons of nerdy girls.  Our girls are more into dancing, being pretty, etc than crunching numbers, playing video games, and checking out gadgets.  Maybe that will change in time once we open the company up.

One idea to offset this is to run the company similar to Ask Men or MAXIM... where we have guys writing articles and guys reviewing - but it showcases lots of women all over the magazine.  Plus, we will always have our featured reviews done by women.  This way, we could even have a health section for guys with tips from top male models and such.

If we go this route, I want to treat it more like a Men's Magazine than a Chick Tech Magazine.  I have had this idea for years and our company is now big enough to support it.

What are your thoughts?