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The Egg of Life

Learn and Gain Experience

Obtain real life, hands-on experience. Work on projects with leading professionals in top companies and allow yourself to open your mind to learning, by doing. Discover a new passion in life and participate with others in the world to achieve success. With the many courses offered here, you have the ability to immerse yourself in a world of professionals that have success in the area you choose to study. Leading into long-term career opportunities in the field.

Move Your Mind and Body

Expand the mindset and open the body to a deeper awareness. Have a constant flow of energy and movement in the mind and body. Learn new philosophies on how to rid the self of stagnate energy. Improve body awareness, and set the mind at ease. Perform in areas that are unfamiliar, allowing for movement in the mind and body that is new and awakening. Be comfortable in the body and soul with gentle, flowing energy breathing and moving into all areas of life.

The Egg of Life


The Seed of Life

Awaken Your Self

Awakening is the act of loving, doing and feeling a movement. Move the mind so that it is aligned with the heart and spirit. Awakening a thought is a movement. Awaken thought within yourself first, and awaken it with such vision that you believe it. Create habits that have a vision of success and visualize your dreams, they are energy too. Share that vision with others, and vibrate at a high frequency to move others. Give, Share, Awaken. This is a truly awakened being.




The Trinity Method


Stay in this truth and participate, move, awaken in all moments. They  have synergy with each other in all moments. Strive for harmony and balance in all of these areas in life. Learn from others and become involved in the world, by living the Give, Give, Take philosophy. Unlock the mind and body to a new level of awareness. Learn about the galaxy and its movement. We are all energy. Believe in your visions, the thought will ripple out into the universe and become reality.

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