Participation Awareness

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airikai_method_3d_book_smallBe an active participant in life! You  will learn what participation is. How to “Get Involved”, “Open Your Mind”, and live the “Give, Give, Take Philosophy”. Learn how to experience new areas in life and have a complete paradigm shift in how you learn, how you think of life, what your confident in, and what you share with others.

Participation is the first step of three in “The Airikai Trinity Method”. The sacred arts in motion involve; Participate, Movement, and Awaken. This course focuses on the first sectionof how to be an essential, lively, and engaging participant in life. Praesent velit elit, ultrices vitae dictum sed, molestie et eros. Listen to the audio video below, specifically the first participate section.


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    Overall a nice course. Highly Recommended. Instructor is great and forums , groups gave a great discussion platform.
    Thanks wplms for providing such a platform.

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